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The Path To Ruby's

What started as a daydream has become a beautiful reality, and it has been quite a winding path to get here.

Although I have written this title in a figurative sense, there is quite literally a path from our farm to the little farmhouse. In fact, it was on this path that I would run into Ms. Ruby, periodically. Our meetings were generally brief, but she and her flock of chickens always brightened my day. Something I can't wait for Everlane Flower Co to have the chance to do for so many flower lovers that wish to experience a bit of flower farming magic.

My journey to this agritourism venture started during the early days of the shutdown. With an excess of free time, I busied myself with all things plants, taking every opportunity to develop and strengthen my green thumb. Although I grew up on a farm, my green thumb did not immediately develop, and I can confirm that it is something that you strengthen rather than something you are born with.

Future Farm Store and U-Cut Flower Farm

As I grew more comfortable with propagating, seed starting, and just generally growing things, my mind began to daydream of growing something on a much larger scale. I found several growers online that had some of the most incredible flower farms, and while on a visit home from Wilmington, I shared my little hope of starting a flower farm with my dad, who immediately laughed... but, who also, without hesitation, helped me to plant out my very first flower bulbs that arrived. Since that first planting, my dad has given my imagination free reign at the farm; If I can dream it up, he can help me bring it to life!

My first two years of flower farming have been oh-so-beautiful and oh-so-sweet thanks to such a supportive community. Throughout these seasons I have partnered with local businesses and spent mornings at the market to share fresh flowers with others, and although I am unbelievably grateful for those experiences, they have always left me dreaming of giving my customers a more direct connection to the flowers that they love. I have thought feverishly of how I could share more of my experience with those in the community, and that's exactly what this property will allow me to do!

With the many things that I loved about market mornings, there were so many things that I did not love. Mainly, there is only so much that a bucketful of pretty flowers can say about themselves when a stranger does not know where or by whom they were grown. As someone who is incredibly shy, I spent most of my market mornings with my nose in a book, only speaking when someone would stop by the table. This was in no way meant to be rude, but simply a reflection of how out of my element I felt not being able to physically show you where the flowers were grown or the joy that comes with each harvest.

I often dreamt of inviting people to the farm so that they could experience it for themselves, but, as it is also a very active commercial farm, it simply was not conducive to hosting crowds. So, while on a drive around the farm, I shared a new hope with my dad about acquiring an adjacent property to be used as a farm store. I had only ever known the property as "Ms. Ruby's", and had always admired how beautifully quaint the home was and I felt in my heart that its story shouldn't end with her.

1900's Farmhouse Renovation

The next chapter of this property is what I am considering to be my biggest daydream, yet, and I cannot wait to share the experience of summer flower harvests with my community.

Though still several months away, the summer of 2023 is shaping up to be one to remember.

*For safety reasons, we are not accepting visitors to the property until further notice. We completely understand any excitement and curiosity, but we politely ask for your patience as we operate on a very active construction site. In the coming months, you will notice quite a bit of change at the property, and I am enjoying chronicling it all to share with you.


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