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Everlane's First U-Pick Season

Sharing a little flower farming magic with my community...

It's simpler to stay the same, but choosing the path that evolves into something more is always more fun. I don't make these choices without fear, but rather with courage over fear. Quitting a job, moving back to your hometown, and starting a business is not done without fear, but with the courage to start amidst all of the scary unknowns.

Farmhouse Renovation For U-Cut Flower Farm

Allowing Everlane Flower Co to evolve and change with me has been important as it has grown through the seasons. From selling to my first online customer to selling at my first market, I have always simply taken the next right step in the direction that I wanted to go.

Knowing that markets were leaving me feeling a bit disconnected from my favorite parts of flower farming, I longed to be able to share the experience of life at the farm with others. I didn't know it then, but there is a term for what I was hoping for- agritourism.

Each day I get to wake up and do something that brings me immense joy, and knowing that, I have always set out to share that with others.

So, this summer, the next right step for my small business will be welcoming fellow flower lovers onto the farm to enjoy hands-on experiences. My vision is full of flower field images with people meandering through blooms, buckets full of flowers, and those just enjoying their time in a beautiful place.

Farmhouse Renovation For U-Cut Flower Farm

As I have said in previous posts, it has been unbelievably cool to unearth the history of the property- dating back to its build in 1900- and I am beyond honored to be able to add Everlane Flower Co to the story of its lifetime.

Cheers to our very first u-pick flower season this summer!

*For safety reasons, we are not accepting visitors to the property until further notice. We completely understand any excitement and curiosity, but we politely ask for your patience as we operate on a very active construction site. In the coming months, you will notice quite a bit of change at the property, and I am enjoying chronicling it all to share with you.


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