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My Biggest Daydream, Yet!

Season three will certainly be bringing lots of flower farm charm...

Since starting Everlane Flower Co, I have yet to have a season that matches the one before. This is not something that bothers me, as this has been due to continued growth and so many lessons learned. Even with many changes, at the heart of it all, my why has stayed consistent through each season: to share the joy of fresh flowers with those in my community. And, this season, I am happy to say that I will be able to do that more than ever.

A little more than a year ago, dad and I were taking a jeep ride around our snow-covered farm. A favorite family tradition, anytime it snows we fire the old 1950s jeep up, and hit the trails. Over the noise of the engine, I decided it was time to share my biggest daydream yet with my dad, "What do you think about turning Ruby's old house into a farm store?". He was surprised, but, unlike when I first shared my dream of a flower farm with him, he took me seriously from the start and we set to work in the following days to acquire the property.

As silly as it sounds, no matter who it is that you are vocalizing a hope or dream to, it can feel scary being that vulnerable. Lucky for me, I have met nothing but support, and helping hands, from my family as I have built this daydream from the ground up. I am beyond grateful for that, and for their eagerness to set to work on this next step.

I won't bore you with the nitty-gritty real estate details, but, since that snow day, the property has become ours, and with it, I am one step closer to my biggest daydream, yet: a you-cut flower farm and farm store!

You might be wondering who is Ruby and where is this old house?

I knew her as Ms. Ruby, and she is the only person that I, or my dad, had any memory of living in the farmhouse. So, fittingly, we always referred to the property as "Ruby's". Although I did not know her very well, she was never anything but kind to me when I would run into her.

The farmhouse where she lived is located at the end of our lane, after which Everlane Flower Co is named. Just like the many marker trees that line our property, this little house has been a constant landmark for me, and I am overjoyed to have the opportunity to rehab the property as my own. Equally exciting is that the property line adjoins one of our fields, perfect for transitioning the property into my dream agritourism venture!

The summer of 2023 will bring with it Everlane Flower Co's first-ever you-cut season! With this new property, we will be able to welcome our community out to the farm to have a hands-on flower farm experience. That's right, all of the pretty flower-picking photo ops are on their way!

As we focus our attention on the exterior of the property this year and making it you-cut-ready, the interior of our farm store will be a slower-paced project that will progress over the next year, with the goal of a 2024 debut.

Since acquiring the property, it has been such a joy to unearth the property's history, and an especially welcome surprise to hear firsthand accounts from someone who grew up in the house. Stories are an integral part of this life we all live, and I have loved piecing together as much of this one as I possibly can.

Just as the previous residents were a piece of the farmhouse's story, so, too is Everlane Flower Co.

*For safety reasons, we are not accepting visitors to the property until further notice. We completely understand any excitement and curiosity, but we politely ask for your patience as we operate on a very active construction site. In the coming months, you will notice quite a bit of change at the property, and I am enjoying chronicling it all to share with you.


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