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My Sweetest Season Yet

Sharing the magic of sweet peas...

Mornings spent sipping coffee, listening to the birds chirping, and strolling through the vining sweet peas have felt pretty magical, to say the least. Sounds a bit like a Disney movie, but, honestly, some moments in them have felt straight out of a daydream.

Bucket of sweet pea flowers

This season marks my third year of growing these magnificent little blooms, and in this season I finally feel as though I've cracked their little grow code. After a bit of a wild and wacky winter, these fragrant blooms are putting on the ultimate spring show for me and anyone that will indulge my eagerness to share a bit of their magic.

Aromatic, dainty, and full of whimsy, sweet peas are in a class all their own.

sweet pea flowers

My first experience with sweet peas happened while scrolling through Instagram. There was an image of a grower standing in between two towering trellises, fully loaded with so many beautiful, colorful stems. My eyes immediately darted toward the caption to find out what the heck they were. Sweet peas.

Aside from this stunning photo, all that I really knew about a sweet pea flower was the migraine-inducing fragrance from Bath & Body Works. There was no way someone would grow full trellises of them and bear to stand in the middle of them if that was really how they smelled. But, they were gorgeous, and my curiosity had been caught.

Bucket full of sweet peas

Fortunately for me, the natural fragrance is nothing but pure bliss, and their perfect little blooms make it a total dream to walk through them. They even make car rides a little sweeter when traveling from the farm.

Although experiencing their magic firsthand has been incredible, nothing has made me smile bigger than hearing the joy they have brought to others days. Each and every message or picture shared has made my little grower's heart sing.

In the midst of my sweetest season, yet, I know that I will absolutely be growing them again.


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