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Books & Blooms: Where The Crawdads Sing

Where my love for books and blooms collide

This arrangement is inspired by Where the Crawdads Sing which, as we all know, is now a major motion picture with an incredible soundtrack.

With such a moody original song by t swift, it was near impossible to explore around the farm and not be immediately inspired by all that Carolina has to offer. One wise lady once told me to look to the ditches for stems to use, and that is exactly what I have done here.

I wanted to create something truly inspired by our beautiful Carolina scenery, and if you look along the roadsides, these are many of the beautifully wild things you will see. They tend to be overlooked, or thought of as only weeds, but, to me, a weed is only something that you do not care to look at in your landscape.

To compliment my favorite NC color palette, I used zinnias from the farm and some remaining blooms from this past weekend. So, to boot the song that helped to further inspire me, it is truly a Carolina arrangement.


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