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Books & Blooms: The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

Where my love of books and blooms collide

Invisibility feels like the ultimate superpower- I know I have wished for it many a time- but, the truth is, it’s actually a pretty dang painful feeling.

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue offers a beautifully tragic story of the curse of being forgotten, the unstoppable passage of time, and our power to influence those that we encounter. Even if only for a brief moment.

Once I picked this book up, I was enthralled by the fantasy that V.E. Schwab has created. If you like page-turners, fantastical beasts, and strong female leads, I couldn’t recommend this read more.

This time of year goldenrod is growing wild and free all about, and it makes me smile whenever I see it. Its bright color makes it perfect for making golden starbursts, seven to be exact. Addie’s signature freckle constellation leaves its mark throughout the story, and I thought bringing them to life would be the perfect way to make a story-inspired arrangement.

Desperate for more time, she makes a deal with the unlikeliest of brokers that teaches us all to take extra care with the words we shake hands to. Throughout the story, Addie has a front-row seat to worldwide change over the centuries. She sees both ruin and growth, and I love the way that she describes architectural decay as if structures are being taken back by the trees that were once cleared to build them. I certainly have not looked at an aged barn or house the same since.


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